Our commitment and expertise allow us to bring the best service in preventing, managing and resolving conflicts.

Meet our directors below.

PeaceSystems was founded in 2014 by a group of international experts in mediation, peacebuilding, and conflict system design. Our founders recognized the need for an organization that went beyond managing individual conflicts. Instead, PeaceSystems was envisioned as a platform to research, develop, and implement sustained systems and institutions to address, resolved, and prevent chronic conflict.

Adv Dumisa Ntsebeza SC



Adv. Ntsebeza is an internationally recognized human rights lawyer, author, and speaker. He is the chairman of the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust and is a trustee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Adv Ntsebeza is widely recognized as a leader in the business world and serves as the Non-Executive Chairman of Barloworld.

Our commitment to sustainable peacebuilding and long-term solutions to conflict is reflected in our management team, who have each dedicated their careers to advocacy and innovation in building more a peaceful society.

Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane


Arch Njongonkulu Ndungane.jpeg

The archbishop of Cape Town until 2007,  Njongonkulu Ndungane is known for a commitment to social issues, poverty alleviation, and for reimagining South Africa's historic schools as centers of cultural and educational excellence.  Currently, the archbishop serves as the founder and president of the African Monitor, the executive director of the Historic Schools Restoration Project,  and a trustee of the Sunfoil Education Trust. 

PeaceSystems maintains relationships with experienced mediators and experts in many relevant fields to meet the needs of the communities, governments, and organizations. 

Adv Willie


Adv Willie.jpg

Willie Pienaar has extensive experience in the formal legal sphere, but considers himself a 'reformed lawyer'. Driven by his desire to transform legal services, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit, Willie was a founding member of the Equillore Group and Nuvalaw, which specialize in dispute settlement through the use of technological innovation and ADR. During his time there he held both the CEO and deputy Chair roles.


Projects are managed by senior members of our staff who are all experienced conflict resolution practitioners, under supervision of the Board.

We work with experts in the fields of preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts and disputes. Our practitioners come from a range of disciplines, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, conflict system design, business analysis, process engineering, information technology and management, public administration, business management, governance, and change management. 

For every project, we create a team of experts that corresponds to the project's unique contours and context. These teams develop and implement tailor-made systems and processes in response to the needs of each conflict.