We develop and implement sustainable institutions and systems that prevent, manage, and resolve conflict in developing countries.


Based in Cape Town, we collaborate with local and international partners in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.


PeaceSystems promotes the peaceful and lasting resolution of conflicts by developing organizational structures, cultures, and institutions that can handle conflict in a constructive way. We help organizations and communities move away from reactive responses to friction by building proactive systems to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict.


Every organization and community face conflict.

For most organizations, conflict resolution is the last resort when tensions escalate, disruptions emerge or violence erupts. Reactive interventions bring short-term solutions but leave the underlying issues unaddressed, allowing them to fester and reemerge.  

Conflict puts government revenue and developments at risk. It puts an organization's compliance and reputation at risk. It puts investors' financial and social goals at risk. It puts civil society's agenda for good governance and human rights at risk. Most acutely, conflict puts a community's health, security, and sustainable development at risk.

PeaceSystems was imagined and established by international experts in Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR). We recognized the need for a new, proactive, and sustainable method of dealing with conflict. 

Collaboration lies at the heart of PeaceSystems' ethos. We work closely with business member organizations, local and national governments, community-based organizations, and the international donor community to systemically address conflict, facilitating sustainable growth and social upliftment.

White Structure

PeaceSystems is a registered non-profit company in South Africa.

Our Governing Board provides strategic direction and operational oversight. The Board includes of a number of independent directors.