PeaceSystems (a civil society organisation) supports the development of sustainable institutions and systems that prevent-manage-resolve conflict in African societies.

We refer to these institutions and systems as “peace systems”

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Investment in “peace systems” is essential for developing countries

Improving governance

In fragile societies we must anticipate conflict, and therefore ensure that our governance structures are equipped with systems that effectively prevent-manage-resolve conflict, at its root.

Supporting peace

After the violence has ended, the focus needs to move away from interventions – to investment in institutions and systems that will support and protect peace and stability.

 Broadening access to justice

Access to justice cannot only mean access to the courts. It has to also include the meaningful prevention-management-resolution of conflict where it originates, through non-litigious processes.

Enabling trade

Accessible dispute resolution and effective contract enforcement are essential for a flourishing business environment – both for domestic and regional trade.

Unlocking growth

By having effective peace systems in place that support the rule of law, countries create a positive climate for investment, development and trade. These are fundamental requirements for growth in Africa.

Our objectives are to support investment in, and development of ”peace systems” through advocacy, applied research and capacity building.

Develop vision

We advocate with donors, governments and business for concerted investment in “peace systems”.

Develop knowledge

We support the research and development of innovative and more effective “peace systems”.

Develop capacity

We work to develop the knowledge and skills of people working with “peace systems”.

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Our work supports international development goals

  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Development
As a central pillar of any system, this requires a legal framework, capable of ensuring the enforcement of contracts, the protection of property rights and the resolution of disputes.
Key priorities for the Capacity Development Programme are the enhancement of human, institutional and knowledge-based capacity, creating enabling environments and changing mind sets.
Millennium Development GoalsTarget 8.A:Develop further an open, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and financial system
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